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The Power of Going Green

By SHP Financial Blog | May 30 , 2017

Here’s a new twist to the renewable energy and save the planet story: The Kentucky Coal Mining Museum in Benham, Kentucky, has recently switched from...

As You Age Into Retirement, Keep Looking Forward

By SHP Financial Blog | May 24 , 2017

Many people spend a large portion of their lives taking care of people like their spouse, children, siblings and older parents. Here’s a message for...

How Does an Inheritance Change Your Financial Picture?

By SHP Financial Blog | May 17 , 2017

According to the Center for Retirement Research, two-thirds of baby boomers can expect an inheritance.[1]

The Fiduciary Rule: What It Means

By SHP Financial Blog | May 10 , 2017

Recently, the U.S. Department of Labor published the final regulation of what is known as the “Fiduciary Rule,” delaying implementation for 60 days...

Trends in the ETF Market

By SHP Financial Blog | May 03 , 2017

In recent months, there has been a recent movement out of actively managed investments into passively managed instruments such as exchange-traded...

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