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The Importance of Investment Mix

By SHP Financial Blog | Sep 28 , 2016

As individuals progress from young adults to the age of retirement, their investment mix traditionally changes to meet their needs. This is typically a...

Are You Suffering From Financial Stress?

By SHP Financial Blog | Sep 21 , 2016

Despite the strengthening economy and positive outlook, some people are still experiencing high levels of financial stress. Many are worried about...

Oh What a Night

By SHP Financial Blog | Sep 15 , 2016
Boston, MA - The SHP Financial Partners and VIP Clients had an amazing time last night on our  2nd Annual Client Boat Cruise  on board a private...

The State of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

By SHP Financial Blog | Sep 14 , 2016

“The average investor has no idea what’s going on, but this is a big shift.”1

Pension Payments and Retirement Income Trends

By SHP Financial Blog | Sep 07 , 2016

It used to be that only surviving soldiers were guaranteed an income to enjoy in their later years, a concept introduced during the first century B.C....

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