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Financial Strategies: CDs, Stocks and More

By SHP Financial Blog | Aug 31 , 2016

In some way or another, there’s risk involved with any form of investment.

Too Much Investor Positivity can Equal a Negative

By SHP Financial Blog | Aug 24 , 2016

The mind is a powerful tool. It can protect, justify, trick and even make good things happen by its sheer will. A good example is the placebo effect, a...

Regret over Brexit?

By SHP Financial Blog | Aug 17 , 2016

In the aftermath of the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union, financial commentators have predicted all kinds of fallout, including...

Potential Models for Retirement Income

By SHP Financial Blog | Aug 10 , 2016

As important as it is to plan your retirement goals, you never know what variables could force you to change course. Fortunately, there are a variety...

Ways to Account for Inherited Assets

By SHP Financial Blog | Aug 03 , 2016

As difficult as it is to lose a loved one, it would be nice if the financial situation sorted itself out after a death.

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