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Planning for your spare time in retirement

By SHP Financial Blog | Feb 29 , 2016

We all have spare time. However, it’s possible to be so busy, to have such a long list of things to do, that you actually feel guilty taking a bit of time...

Few Benefit Financially from College’s Big Money Sport

By SHP Financial Blog | Feb 24 , 2016

As entertaining as college football is, the truth is it’s a multimillion-dollar business.

Ditch Multitasking, Embrace Interstitial Time and Get Productive!

By SHP Financial Blog | Feb 17 , 2016

For years, multitasking has been a valued skill — one that many folks have become quite adept at and proud of — but scientific analysis is showing more...

New Year a Good Time for New Approach

By SHP Financial Blog | Feb 10 , 2016

We frequently resolve to reinvent ourselves in the new year — exercise more, eat healthier, read more or save more.

Brain Power Translates to Staying Power

By SHP Financial Blog | Feb 03 , 2016

We keep hearing about how life expectancy has increased, and today’s retirees are living longer than ever. However, longevity behooves that we (1) take...

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