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The Heat of Negotiations

By SHP Financial | Jul 31 , 2015

As we approach the dog days of summer, the world’s elected officials are pouring on the heat in political debates ranging from Euro debt to global...

What’s That You Say?

By SHP Financial | Jul 24 , 2015

People are notorious for saying things they don’t actually mean, particularly during an argument. On the flip side, saying things that have a different...

Overthinking Retirement Income Planning

By SHP Financial | Jul 17 , 2015

You can’t pick up a newspaper or magazine or scan Internet headlines today without seeing something about the challenges of retirement and new surveys...

Bad Behavior

By SHP Financial | Jul 09 , 2015

Five of the world’s biggest banks recently pleaded guilty to colluding to manipulate currency and interest rate markets. Apparently, by agreeing not to...

The Business of Risk

By SHP Financial | Jul 02 , 2015

Cyber threats have created an interesting conundrum in which the criminal perpetrators are frequently more tech savvy than those responsible for...

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